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Med-Free Headache Treatment

October 10, 2017

MED-FREE HEADACHE TREATMENT IN FORT WORTH TX For many people in Fort Worth, headache pain is more than just an occasional nuisance. In fact, it’s been estimated that more than four percent of all Americans suffer from frequent headaches. With the extra stress and tension that often comes with the busy holiday season, this is…

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Are You Dealing with Sciatica Pain in Fort Worth TX?

February 15, 2017

Are You Dealing with Sciatica Pain? The sciatic nerve is one of the two major peripheral nerves found in the legs (the femoral nerve is the other). It is comprised of nerve fibres — motor fibres that control movement and muscles, and sensory fibres that control feeling. When the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated,…

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Back and Neck Pain Myths and Facts

January 18, 2017

Back and Neck Pain Myths and Facts You’ll find a lot of myths surrounding back and neck pain. Unfortunately, many people believe the misinformation on the Internet to be factual. If you’re suffering from back and neck pain, then obtaining credible information and reliable treatment is absolutely essential for increasing your chances of a successful…

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Finding Relief From Sudden Neck Pain In Fort Worth TX

January 15, 2017

Finding Relief From Sudden Neck Pain Are you suddenly experiencing pain in the nerves, muscles, or spinal vertebrae in your neck? If this condition isn’t going away, or if it’s escalating into serious symptoms like numbness in arms and hands or shooting pains down the arm and shoulder, you need to seek medical treatment. Sudden…