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Our chiropractors are proud to serve local athletes from the premier sports injury clinic in North Fort Worth, West Fort Worth, or Weatherford .

To ensure proper healing it’s important to visit a chiropractor after sustaining a sports injury. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you deserve the best care from a chiropractor well-versed in safe, proven treatments for injured athletes.


Our doctors are dedicated to continuing education in the field of chiropractic. Whether it's adopting the latest technology or learning the latest techniques, our team is always striving to provide our patients with a better level of care.

That dedication has earned us the reputation as one of the top chiropractors in helped us become the 2015 winner of the Patients' Choice chiropractor of the year.

If you demand reliable, effective treatment that is focused on improving total health and healing injuries at their root source, you need to choose one of our clinics in Texas.

how we can help

Sports injuries are very common in all active people. You can become injured after simply not warming up beforehand, going too fast, too quickly, or by not being in the proper condition for the activity. Many athletes will experience pain after participating in a sport activity in some point of their lives. Proper sports injury treatment serves to reduce pain and improve overall health. Natural spinal adjustments, physical therapy, soft tissue mobilization, stretching and exercise programs, and many other chiropractic techniques focus on all causes of a sports injury.

With their combined training and professionalism, our chiropractors formulate custom treatment plans for each individual patient. We look for safe, holistic solutions that fit your body, and help you return to an active and healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Injured athletes seeking a trustworthy sports injury clinic should look no further than ChiroPlus Clinics and our proven chiropractic techniques.

To schedule your first appointment with a top sports chiropractor, find your nearest ChiroPlus location, contact us today.