Back and Neck Pain Myths and Facts

Back and Neck Pain Myths and Facts in Weatherford

Back and Neck Pain Myths and Facts

You'll find a lot of myths surrounding back and neck pain. Unfortunately, many people believe the misinformation on the Internet to be factual. If you're suffering from back and neck pain, then obtaining credible information and reliable treatment is absolutely essential for increasing your chances of a successful recovery.

Here are a few common myths surrounding back pain and neck pain that you can ignore to stay on the right track for your recovery.

Resting Will Help Your Back Pain

Doctors say that resting for one or two days is fine, but any more than that can actually worsen your pain. Inactivity causes more pain because it leads to muscle wasting and other effects that can be harmful.

Your Spine Can be Easily Injured Because It's Fragile

Truth is, your spine is pretty strong. It is surrounded by tendons, muscles and ligaments that give it its strength, support and flexibility. Overall, your spine isn't fragile, unless you have an unstable spinal fracture or a similar injury. Activities like aerobics can help strengthen your spine even more.

Nothing Was Found By the Doctor So I Must Be Alright

When you are feeling pain, it's typically an indication of something wrong. Just because the doctor didn't find anything doesn't mean the pain is in your head. When you have chronic pain, which lasts more than two to three months, you should actively seek treatment. Of course, psychological factors, such as depression and fatigue, should be considered in the treatment program.

There are a wide array of potential sources of back and neck discomfort, which is why it's necessary that you have a professional checkup. To attack your pain at its source and prevent it from getting worse or recurring, visiting a chiropractor should be your first priority.

Weatherford chiropractors at ChiroPlus Clinics can help you understand the real causes of your back or neck pain.