Finding Relief From Sudden Neck Pain In Weatherford

Finding Relief From Sudden Neck Pain in Weatherford

Finding Relief From Sudden Neck Pain In Weatherford

Are you suddenly experiencing pain in the nerves, muscles, or spinal vertebrae in your neck? If this condition isn't going away, or if it's escalating into serious symptoms like numbness in arms and hands or shooting pains down the arm and shoulder, you need to seek medical treatment. Sudden neck pain can be triggered by a variety of causes. Here is a list of some of the most likely causes of your discomfort.

Worn Joints

Like any joint in your body, neck joints can eventually deteriorate due to constant wear and tear. The older you get and the more strain you put on your neck, the more likely it is that you will develop severe discomfort from osteoarthritis. If you are under the age of 50 and your neck hasn't been subjected to extreme use or strain, other causes are more likely.

Muscle Strains

Muscles strains are the most likely cause of sharp neck pain that appears out of nowhere. Don't assume that it takes athletic activity to strain a muscle. In fact, with the help of poor posture, sitting at a desk all day every day might even lead to strained or fatigued muscles. Even sleeping in an uncomfortable position can do the trick.

Nerve Issues

Compressed vertebrae, herniated disks, bony growths and spurs, and deterioration due to aging all can put pressure on nerves in the neck, resulting in sudden neck pain.


Even if you think you survived a fall, accident, or injury unscathed, sometimes sharp neck pain can materialize the next day or later. In some cases, people don't even recognize the incident as the cause of their pain due to the gap in time between injury and symptom. No matter what the cause, you need to seek treatment for your sudden neck pain. Seeing a primary care doctor first can help you rule out some serious diseases and condition that would need the expertise of a specialist. You also may get a referral to a chiropractor capable of treating and healing certain types of discomfort in the neck.

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